Pokemon Mega


Press left mouse button to interact.

Pokemon mega is a Japanese role-playing game with strategic elements. Here, you will choose the role you like and pick from a small dragon, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. Then you can catch some other elves or challenge NPC.

Pokemon mega’s game operations

In Pokemon mega, the procedure is simple, and all transactions need only be selecting by clicking with the left mouse button.

Pokemon mega’s game content

Before officially entering the game, you need to log in to your account; Then you can choose the role you want. You can decide to go to the wild to catch rare elves, or to fight. When fighting, you can choose different skills to defeat these monsters and use the state effect to move them to sleep or die. Of course, you can also interact with the world’s aborigines, carry out missions, or take risks.

Pokemon mega’s game features

When in combat, you should not forget to use drugs to restore health and attack values. When traveling outdoors in Pokemon mega, don’t forget to bring some Pokemon balls. It is the most crucial part of recovering your favorite elf goblins. For your character, you must pass a series of tests and risks to improve your risk-taking ability and release more advanced actions and skills.

Pokemon mega is a casual game. You can choose a little monster you like here, then exercise and train it in various degrees, and then upgrade it continuously.  Become an effective aid to your fight;  Paperio, on the other hand, is a game similar to snake eating. What you need to do is to control the lines, make them move steadily, encircle the area continuously, and even become the most powerful being.

Run 2 is an exciting running game. It tests your carefulness very much. You must carefully observe the environment ahead so that you can step on a safe and correct platform without falling into a gap and losing the game challenge.  Cooking mama, on the other hand, is a game that allows you to simulate cooking and make different tastes of food for various guests.  And in the process of the game can also let you add more recipes unlock, learn more food skills;  Or choose a parking lot that requires careful consideration. Only by moving all the vehicles that are placed at random and blocking the exit, and finally clearing a clean road, can the car drive out successfully and win the game.